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Persistent Computer Services is focused on making a difference in the lives of people it touches. A culture of celebrating achievement and a strong focus on performance are a way of life at Persistent Computer Services. It holds pride in its systems for providing an excellent quality of work life to its employees. In addition to providing beautiful and safe work place, Persistent Computer Services encourages a culture of mutual respect and trust amongst peers, superiors and subordinates. Persistent Computer Services endeavors to create a workplace where every person can reach his or her full potential.

At Persistent Computer Services, we are always on the move. On the brink of creating something new, scripting innovative trends, authoring cutting-edge research and building an intellectual wealth bank. We are on the threshold of creating the next generation of business solutions and creating value for the customer. We at Persistent, follow some of the industry's best work practices and make use of the latest available solutions in development, testing, database, and infrastructure management. Persistent Computer Services offers a great environment, opportunity to learn and freedom for you to grow and develop yourself. Being a part of a growing industry, within a growing firm with entrepreneurial freedom can work wonders for you.

You too have an opportunity to be a part of the passionate & skilled team at Persistent Computer Services.

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